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Alpine Trail will take you to your limits.

In Alpine Trail, ten of the highest mountains of the world challenge you to conquer them in retro style - and you need to survive the battle against nature and wildlife while climbing up.

Fight for record times and collect bonus points. Each peak is higher than the last one - and it is more difficult to climb, too.

When you start on your adventure you might think that Alpine Trail is just an easy afternoon hike, but the highest peaks are a true challenge even for the most experienced climbers.

Oftentimes you need to decide which path to take within mere seconds - and without skill, you are faster on your way down than you haved hope ...

  • Free!
  • Ten exciting mountains
  • Challenging enemies
  • Fully localized

Alpine Trail

iPhone iOS 4.3+
iPad iOS 4.2+
Release: 03/2013

iPhone/iPad version in iTunes:

The game did not start since the upadte to iOS8!
Please delete the game on the device and download/install it again from iTunes (it is free, if you already bought it!). That fix this problem!