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Welcome to the game industry

The year is 1982

Three young entrepreneurs discover the computer and the potential to strike it rich in the Games Industry!

Their love for computer games is a common bond that they all share, but they are also in fierce competition with one another in a race to build a successful Games Development House...

They quickly find that the Games Development business is not as simple as it appears...

Banks, Investors, Magazines, Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers & the Press are all breathing down you neck...they want results! Do you have what it takes?

You are now an up & coming entrepreneur in the Games Business. Do you have what it takes to be the next Game Tycoon!

  • Cartoon style graphics
  • three characters to choose from
  • eleven missions including Tutorial as well as a continuous play
  • interactive advisor (when you need advice)
  • different market situations in accordance with the customer’s requests of the respective years
  • as the years progress new technological advances offer new game development techniques
  • animation of all speaking characters

Game Tycoon 1

Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Pentium 3, 600 MHz
128 MB Ram
270 MB discspace
DirectX 9.0c
Age: 0+
Release: 2003 and 2006

Website: http://www.gametycoon.de/en/
The game runs after installing the patch to 1.5 or higher still slow!
Make a shortcut and start the game with this line: "gametycoon.exe –D low“. Everything is running in 16-Bit-Mode instead of the 32-Bit-Mode.

I get a message at the start that a file named "d3d9.dll" is missing. But without installing the patch on version 1.5 it runs well!
Die latest versions from 1.5 needed DirectX9.0c. You can download it on the website of Microsoft.