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Farming was yesterday. Today its time to mow - in high-speed!
Whether it is a garden, a park or a castle garden: time and skill are everything. Who manages to mow the biggest area in a limited time? To "relax", how about a timed race on the pimped-out lawnmower? But watch out: if you are a reckless driver who wheels over sidewalks or cuts down flowers, your score will drop dramatically.

  • 32 levels (full version only)
  • animated cartoon graphics
  • deep tutorial
  • high score
  • optimized for Android
  • support for five languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish)

Mow-Town Riding

Android 1.6+
Release: 07/2013

Lite Version at Google Play:
Full Version at Google Play:

Lite version at Amazon App-Store:
Full version at Amazon App-Store:

With Android 4.3, on some systems the text on the buttons is not correct on the button. This is a problem only with the new update of Android 4.3 and will be hopefully fixed soon from Google.