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Idle Game Tycoon
January 25, 2023

Idle Game Tycoon

Released for iPhone!

Sunlight Games has released "Idle Game Tycoon" for the iPhone. In this idle game, players have to build up their software company through developing and marketing great video games. "Idle Game Tycoon" features charming low-res polygon graphics in a 3D isometric view. The developer offices can be personalized with very nice decorations!

Idle Game Tycoon
November 11, 2022

Idle Game Tycoon

Android version got major update!

Sunlight Games has released a major update for "Idle Game Tycoon" for the Android platform. The update expands the game with new buildings, a daily bonus, new managers and much more.

It will be released for iOS soon, too.

Two Hundred Ways
Jule 15, 2022

Two Hundred Ways

PlayStation version released today!

Today, Sunlight Games will has been released "Two Hundred Ways" for PlayStation. The brain teaser is the sequel to the acclaimed "One Hundred Ways", originally released in 2016.

"Two Hundred Ways" has been available for PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™.

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