Windows 10
Pentium Dual-Core 2GHz (or better)
2 GB Ram
xxx MB discspace
Graphiccard with a minumum of 1 GB



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Two Hundred Ways

Again 200 tricky levels to solve in Two Hundred Ways. The goal is to make the ball(s) reach its goal(s). That will be harder because of more layers and more traps. To finish the levels, you have some resources but only a limited budget. Think outside the box to have benefits.

  • 200 levels for a lot of gaming fun,
  • Over 40 tools that make it either more difficult or easier for the ball to reach its goal,
  • Up to three balls must be reach to the goal,
  • Level with up to three layers,
  • Slowly increasing difficulty,
  • Real time 3D-Iso-view,
  • Two level themes, each with its own soundtrack,
  • Tutorial level for each tool,
  • Game in English and German.

The first screenshots were taken from the PC-version. Graphics WIP!


Two Hundred Ways
Two Hundred Ways
Two Hundred Ways

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