Intel QuadCore i5-3570, 3.4 GHz
8 GB Ram
Website version: 1.2GB
Steam: 2.4GB
Radeon 7800


Website: 09-21-2020
Steam: 09-24-2021

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Cologne 3D

Explore parts of Cologne: The historic old market as well as the Gottfried-Hagen-Street in Cologne-Kalk and get an idea of what it looks like there today.

You can also see 3D views of the past of some houses. On the old market there is also the option of calling up information about some houses and the Jan von Werth fountain and having them read out.

Two types of advertising pillars can also be placed on the old market.

The version is a kind of technical demo to show what is possible.
It is not error-free and we do not guarantee that it will run.

  • Moving in two areas in Cologne
  • Change of three houses at different dates at the old market and one at the Gottfried-Hagen-Street
  • Audio guide in German and English from some objects on the old town
  • Placement and adaptation of two different advertising pillars
  • Including moving clouds, flying birds and ambient sound
  • Tech demo in 3D and VR


Cologne 3D
Cologne 3D
Cologne 3D
Cologne 3D

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